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Window Ruler 1.1

A window ruler to measure screens and make screenshots; vital for developers
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Window Ruler permits the user to measure the window resolution, which is ideal for developers, since you can know how the image is going to fit into the screen. Apart from that, you can obtain screen shots with this program. You can choose the units you will be measuring sizes in. The available unit measures are centimeters, millimeters, pixels, points and inches. Windows can be measured by dragging the red ball located in the left-upper corner, just over them.

To use this program, you have to simply left-click its icon and the ruler will appear. To gain access to the options, you just right-click the ruler. When the options appear, you can click on Advanced to select the measure units, set if you want the ruler to be transparent or not, and if you wish to run the ruler every time Windows starts. Should you have any difficulties, there is the Help icon, which will give you information about how to use the ruler and run different applications. This powerful tool is very easy to use and very helpful for those working with screen captures, for you can select the part of the window you want to capture by measuring it with the ruler. It is an essential utility to have on your pc.

Guada Morán
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Review summary


  • Various options
  • Makes excellent screen captures
  • Provides help for inexperienced users
  • Occupies little hard-disk space


  • It does not measure images, only windows
  • The Transparency option does not seem to be functional
  • The program is only useful for developers, but not for common users
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